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Case Study


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Case study

Parkly — responsive website and mobile app

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website design





Parkly is find my parked car app and website to answer where’s my car? or where did I park? Parking your car means having to remember where exactly you left it. But, how many times have you ended up wandering around for quite a while before finally finding your car? Parkly has the answer for you!

After receiving some basic brand guidelines (logo and colors), I had a free hand with my creative process, with some good input from the client. The outcome was a revitalized digital experience, focused on remember car parking location, consistent typography and bright colors, with references to their public. This makes Get Parkly distinctive and unique in their sector.

Parkly Case Study
Parkly Case Study
Parkly Case Study
Parkly Case Study
Parkly Case Study
Parkly Case Study

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