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Case study

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Roger is an order management and delivery service platform for businesses and logistics providers. The platform allows businesses to connect seamlessly to logistics providers for all their delivery needs and requirements. It also provides an electronic order book for businesses to manage their online orders efficiently. With a foothold in the food delivery business, Roger is well suited to managing both in-house and third-party delivery for restaurants. At the same time, it is not limited to food and can be used by any business requiring real-time delivery management.

From the design perspective, the goal was to create an elegant, simple and app focused Order Management; In the course of approximately four weeks I designed all of the pages and then worked closely with the development team to make sure that its final form looked as intended. The scope of work included creating an extensive set of Facebook ads in order to promote the app on social media. We were extremely happy that the project succeeded.

Roger Case Study
Roger Case Study

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