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Case study

AySAP — website design &mobile app

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Website Design





AySAP is a Cheetay Rider app. As Cheetay launching new verticals in different cities, they needed a new advance app and website that would tell their incredible story, User friendly interface and easy to use for riders.

The brief was to design a modern and easy to use app and elegant responsive website that would help the company to distribute content and reflect their interesting history & roots.

I had a lot of creative freedom during the design process; the main challenge however was that the speak with riders to understand the issues, worked as rider for better understanding, It was great experience for me so I had to come up with solutions that would be easy to adapt. So my decisions had to be easily integrated with the existing system, while still maintaining the overall look and feel of the rest of the app and website.

AySAP Case Study
AySAP Case Study
AySAP Case Study

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